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Shipping FAQ

Do you ship direct to the US?

Yes, you can order online from our website and we ship orders from a fulfilment warehouse in the US with FedEx or UPS.

a. What are your order shipping confirmation lead times?

1-4 business days depending on order volumes and inventory. Delays do occur due to high order volumes and can be a few weeks.

b. Which days do you ship out? 

Orders are shipped on Wednesdays. 

c. FedEx/UPS Service: We ship using 2 Day Service. We do not offer expedited shipping yet. 

d. Order Packing: We pack our orders inside a styrofoam cooler or an insulation liner with dry ice, all packed in a corrugated box. The amount of dry ice is determined based on what is sufficient to ensure the product reaches you chilled or thawed (external factors like the Weather affect this). Our product can be frozen, just place them in the freezer once received. 

e. Issues with receiving your order: If you find any damaged product once the order is received, or there are any concerns, please take a picture and/or contact us right away via email at info@nabati.ca. We will take care of you and address any concerns. 

f. Discount Code & Free Shipping

Discounts applied affect the order total and free shipping is calculated based on the total post any discounts. So if you add a discount code, you will need to add more items to have the order value over $45 to get free shipping. 


Shipping Cost Tiers:
Tier Order Value Shipping Cost
Shipping Fee for small orders Under $25 $20
Free Shipping $25+ Free


g. How should I handle the Dry Ice?

Caution, dry ice is extremely cold, (-78C/-109F). Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use gloves or a really thick towel (ideally a few) to handle. It is best to keep it in the Styrofoam cooler in a well ventilated space away and out of reach from children to slowly dissipate. DO NOT pour. water on it to melt, it will rapidly release carbon dioxide which may cause rapid suffocation! If inhaled, move to space with fresh air and call emergency services. 


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Shipping FAQ

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